Macomb Engineering was founded in 2003 with the sole goal of offering the tooling and stamping industries reliable, affordable engineering solutions. We came to the realization that a comprehensive digital solution was required, one that had not previously been offered, from project inception to try-out and buy-off. The most recent 3D CAD modeling and simulation software had been employed to generate, validate, and send stamping tool designs our shop floor. This allowed for shorter machining time, shorter build and try-out costs, and a path forward for efficiency, in the case of engineering or process changes.

Naturally, we expanded to include two facilities with complete design, build, try-out, and production capabilities in both machining and stampings (tooling and end user components), as well as assembly fixtures, robotic end of arm tooling, etc. This was motivated by our customers’ ongoing need to add machining and build capabilities. Delivering your engineered solutions as efficiently as feasible has become a daily occurrence with the use of the newest technology in 3D printing and engineered materials like ABS and nylons for fixturing and End of Use goods.


You can be sure that your production stamped parts and contract machining are completed on schedule, within budget, and in accordance with specifications thanks to our well equipped metrology lab, 4-axis CNC machining, surface grinding and wire EDM capabilities up to 60″ and full fabrication capabilities. We also have tight relationships with other specialized tooling shops, to provide timely access to processes such as; 5-axis CNC, Laser Cutting and Welding, Titanium welding and other specialties on an as needed basis.

We strive to be your one-stop shop for your timely, cost effective, design engineering and manufacturing solutions.