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Current Equipment List

Last Updated: 5.9.2024

We have tight relationships with other specialized tooling shops, to provide timely access to processes such as; 5-axis CNC, Laser Cutting and Welding, Titanium welding, and other specialties, on an as needed basis.

Wire EDM

2010 Agie Charmilles CUT30P, 24” x 16” x 14” thick cut capacity Max. Workpiece Dimensions 41 x 32 x 14”, Max. Workpiece Weight 2204 lbs, 33 lb spool extended run capability, submerged.

2002 Charmilles HD20 EDM Drill, 14”-X x 10”-Y x 13”-Z travels, Workpiece: 31.5 in. x 17.7 in. x 13.8 in., hole sizes .012”-0.118”



1990 Fadal 6030, 60” X, 30” Y, 30” Z (4” extension) travels/envelope. 21 place tool changer, 10k spindle, 800 ipm rapids, 300 ipm cutting speed. Controls updated and machine rebuilt 2011.

1996 Fadal 6030, 60” X, 30” Y, 30” Z (4” extension) travels/envelope. 30 place tool changer, 10k spindle, 800 ipm rapids, 300 ipm cutting speed. Controls updated, D-Index 4th axis

2002 Fadal 4020, 40” X, 20” Y, 24” Z (4” extension) travels/envelope. 21 place tool changer, 10k spindle, 88HS Controller, 800 ipm rapids, 300 ipm cutting speed

2001 Fadal 3016 4-Axis +1 trunnion VMC, 30” X 16 Y 18 Z travels. 21 place tool changer, tool setter, 800 ipm rapids, 300 ipm cutting speed, 10k spindle.

1997 Bridgeport VMC1000, 41” X, 21”Y 19” Z travel/envelope. 30 place tool changer 1200 ipm rapids, 300+ ipm cutting speed. 3 second tool to tool changes.

2012 ProtoTRAK DPM SX3P Bed Mill, full 3D machining capability. 10 X 52” table. 5k spindle.

1997 Alliant Knee Mill, 2J type head. 9 X 42” table w/readouts, 2 axis.



Grip 14-40 Engine lathe; New 2016, with DRO, QTC

Various 3 and 4 jaw chucks; Steady rest, followers, etc.



Parker Majestic 2Z 6 X 18 Manual Surface Grinder w/ fine line electromagnetic chuck

Parker Majestic 6 X 18 Manual Surface Grinder w/ fine line electromagnetic Sine chuck

Okamoto 618 w/fine line electromagnetic chuck

No.18 Blanchard Surface Grinder; 30” Chuck, 34” capacity

No.18 Blanchard Surface Grinder; 42” Chuck, 45” capacity

Mattison Grinder; 20 x 60 chuck, 20” x 3” wheel, 1975, re-scraped mid 2019, full automatic controls

Gallmayer and Livingston Automatic Grinder; Model 572, 36” x 12” electromagnetic chuck


Try out and Production Presses

150-Ton Verson Gap Frame Press, Model 150-72; 6" Stroke, 18" Shut Height, 5" Slide Adjustment, 84" x 36" Bed, 69" x 35" Ram, 30 SPM, Microguard Light Curtains, (1968)

250-Ton Warco Straight Side Press, Model 250-2-60C; S/N: 53114, 60"x 40" Bed, 10" Stroke, 22" Shut Height, 8" Slide Adjustment, 30 SPM, Microguard Light Curtains, 22.5" Windows Air Cushion


Support Equipment

Sunnen Hone, 1/8” to 1” capacity

Roll-in Brand vertical band saw/cut-off saw.

Powermatic reversible drill press

1977 4’ Carlton Radial Arm Drill

Several Drill Press Vises

Sandblaster 24 x 24 x 36” opening

20 ton arbor press

Miller 250 Amp Tig Welder

Hobart Ironman 250 Amp MIG welder w/spool gun(aluminum)

AHP 200 AMP Tig welder

Thermal Dynamics Plasma Cutter, ¾” capacity

Darex 1250 Drill sharpener, 0.030 to 1” capacity.



(10) Kurt Machinist Vises 6 and 8”

(1) Grizzly Machinist Vise

CompAIR 15 HP screw air compressor

US AIR 10 HP screw air compressor

Great Lakes Air 125 CFM air dryer


Material Handling

2500lb Clark Electric Lift Truck

9000lb Clark LP fork truck

3000lb Komatsu Electric fork truck

4 Ton crane, 14 ft’ under the hook.

4000 LB. Cap. Rolling Gantry, Coffin 2-Ton Chain Hoist

Ford F450 Stake truck 14’ bed, 24K GVW

Ram 3500 Dually Pick-up truck

Condor Manlift, 19'6" Platform Height Electric

Various Die Tables and Saw horses

(2) 1000# capacity Big Joe Carts

Hydraulic Die Table, 1500# capacity


CAD/CAM and programming

Autodesk Inventor 2022 HSM, (4) Seats

Fusion 360, (4) seats

(7) Workstations

(2) Printers

Canon TA-30 Large Format Plotter



CMM, Mitutoyo BRM507 Bright-M


Surface Plates

36” x 48” Granite Surface Plate

24” x 24” Granite Surface Plate

24” x 36” Granite Surface Plate

19” x 24” Granite Surface Plate

12” x 18” Granite Surface Plate

48” x 72” Granite Surface Plate

Mitutoyo 24” digital height gauge

(2) Fowler 18” Z-Height-E ABS PLUS Electronic Height Gage

Mitutoyo Height Master, Series 515, 12” + 12” Riser

Mitutoyo Height Master 15”

(3) KBC Digital count dial height gauge 12”

KBC Digital count dial height gauge 24”



6’ Drafting Table

12” Disk Sander

4 x 36 belt sander

Combustible materials cabinet

18v cordless drills

  • Stamping Process Consultation
  • Prototyping
  • Stamping & Automation Tooling
  • Progressive dies; from large body reinforcements to terminal dies.
  • Transfer Dies; Complete Engineering services including FEA Draw Simulation, Motion Analysis, Finger and Bar Design and Die Design.
  • Line Dies
  • In-Die Tapping
  • Contract CNC Milling
  • Wire EDM
  • Contract and Production Machining
  • Production Stamping
  • Blow Molded Products
  • 3D Printing
  • Blanchard Grinding up to 36″
  • Automation and Assembly Equipment
  • Assembly Fixtures; Automated and Manual
  • Robotic Weld Cells
  • Check Fixtures
  • SPC and Attribute Gages
  • Low Pressure & Low Temperature Molds
  • Molds for the Electronics and Medical Fields
  • Appearance grade A surfacing
  • Process planning and Project Management

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