Macomb Engineering, Inc



We utilize some of the latest tools and techniques to

 design and build world class tooling solutions, guaranteed.

Stamping Tools

A broad range of experience including;

    • Progressive dies. From large body reinforcements to terminal dies.

    • Transfer Dies. Complete Engineering services including FEA Draw Simulation, Motion Analysis, Finger and Bar Design and Die Design
    • Line Dies

Automation and Assembly Equipment

    • Assembly Fixtures, Automated and Manual.

    • Robotic Weld Cells.

Check Fixtures

    • SPC and Attribute Gages.

Low Pressure Low Temperature Molds

    • Molds for the Electronics and Medical Fields.
    • Appearance grade A surfacing

Process planning and Project Management

    • Formally trained project managers in industry specific sectors can get your project started in the right direction or help guide your team to success